2 Witchcraft Voodoo Dolls Keres & Kia~ With Candles & Pins

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Voodoo Doll Kit~Witchcraft Voodoo Doll~ Keres & Kia Over 300+ have been sold on ebay by us Each one individually made by hand to suit it’s new owner Not mass produced in a foreign country 2 Handmade voodoo dolls 8 to 10 inches in length2 Sets of 5 count pins 2 Black candles (style may

Voodoo Doll Kit~Witchcraft Voodoo Doll~ Keres & Kia Over 300+ have been sold on ebay by us Each one individually made by hand to suit it’s new owner Not mass produced in a foreign country 2 Handmade voodoo dolls 8 to 10 inches in length2 Sets of 5 count pins 2 Black candles (style may vary) In short here is the basic instructions (ebay forbids us to say too much)Copy and paste the instructions or they can be mailed to you with your doll let us know Instructions:1. First, you can cut out a picture of a person and place it on the face.2. If you do not have a picture write their name on a piece of paper and pin it to the doll3. You can also attach an article of clothing, hair or personal item of someone you wish to see changes in.4. Or you can write what your wish or desire is on the paper and pin it to the doll.5.Place the doll on an altar that you make, dresser, table or somewhere where the doll is the focus. Give offerings and don’t be stingy.6.Next put a circle of salt around the doll and offerings 7.Talk to the doll using its name, as if you are addressing a person when requesting something. State your request, be brief and to the point. Do not linger on and on.8.When you are done light a black candle and burn the candle for at least 15 minutes.Real Questions (and shared experiences) From Buyers I have Been Asked and Answered. 1. Can I keep the doll after I use it?While you could keep the doll around after you use it I would strongly advise against it.You opened a door and closed it with salt, black candle and need to bur it to keep the door closed.2. Can I use it on myself?Yes, you can use it on yourself but be careful what you wish for. Do not cause harm to yourself, then get rid of it.3. Is the black candle the correct candle to use?Yes, the black candle is the correct candle to use4. 4. Is this a religion?Some people believe it is5. Can I use it anyone?Yes.6. What can the doll be used for?There are no limits on what you can ask for.7. How soon can I start using doll?Once you have set up your altar, have given it the offering you can start.8. What if I have nowhere to bury it?Then you must wrap it a white cloth9. Does it work on the lotto?Not that I am aware of but you can try it.10. Do instructions come with it?Yes,11. How fast does voodoo work?Sometimes quickly, sometimes it takes a while, sometimes not at all. It depends on you, your requests, and the person who you are asking to see changes in. If they are very religious it probably won’t work at all.12. Can I keep the doll for display? In a collection or just to have around the house?Yes, you can use if for display, as part of a collection or just to have around the house as long as you do not use it or stick any pins in to it. Just do not ask it for anything or do anything to activate it. Be care not to say “I wish” near it.13. Does it always work?No, as mentioned before many factors can cause it not to work. You purchase this knowing this.14. What if the doll falls out of the circle of salt when performing the ceremony will the spirit of the doll escape out into the world?No, If the doll should move or fall out during the ceremony and if you have followed the instructions for the ritual there is no need to worry about it falling out. Just redo the circle of salt and place the doll back in and perform the ceremony. If for some reason you experience paranormal activity it possibly could be your own psychic ability that has been awakened or become active. We would not expect any activity too occur but should it you can burn sage, real sage, for a cleansing. Again, it is most likely your psychic ability or a natural assurance.15. Can the voodoo doll be used without offerings?No, it is part of the ritual it is an offering for your requests.16. I keep finding that my inactivated doll keeps moving, falling over no matter how I fix it to stand. Is the spirit in the doll doing this?There are several possibilities of what can be happening. One, you may have physic abilities that are attracting the doll to you like a magnet. Secondly, has anyone around you accidentally activated the doll? Last, the doll may sense some urgency to let you know it is there.17. Recently I showed the inactivated doll to someone and they had a dream about the doll. It asked them not to tell anyone that it wanted to play games with them.There are many people who collect our voodoo doll and report their dolls move at some time. However, this sounds like the doll was accidentally activated and it is looking to attach it’s self to someone or to do harm to someone other than the owner of the doll.This is a situation where it is recommended to immediately get rid of the doll by placing it in a white cloth, sprinkle it with sea salt, or regular white salt, and wrap it up with red thread. Then bless it with holy water or oil and bury it somewhere off of your property. The further away the better. Once the doll is removed cleanse your home, and any other person who has come in contact with the doll. Especially,where the doll was kept, with burning white sage. At the same time burn a white cleansing candle for 7 days to remove any remaining voodoo energy. Any white candle will do also sprinkle white salt around your home, windows and doors.18. Are they really individually handmade by you?Yes.19. Can I change or alter the offerings at any time?Yes, you can as long as you replace with something in the same category. Don’t give less give more. Per ebay policyI have to state that ebay insists and requires sellers to say that this listing is for entertainment purposes only.You must be 18 or older to purchase. ****You have the right to remain anonymous when purchasing. Covenofrosen@2017 Payments and ShippingKit ill be mailed out once payment is cleared through paypal tracking is included. We want to provide you with excellent customer service. If you are ever unhappy with your purchase please contact us before leaving neutral or negative feedback we are willing to work with you as we value our customers. Thank you for shopping with us. We ship to all 50 states including Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, APO, FPO and US territories. Any international country will pay international shipping rates. On Oct-29-19 at 22:56:42 PDT, seller added the following information: Track Page Views With Auctiva’s FREE Counter


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