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THE MOST SCARCE, RARE & OLD MAGIC, CONJURING, ILLUSIONS, WITCHCRAFT, OCCULT & MUCH MUCH MORE BOOKS COLLECTIONOn eBAY On DVD It is nearly impossible to find all these rare & old books in their original form and if found they would cost a fortune! ____________________ Great Collection Of Rare & Old MAGIC, CONJURING, ILLUSIONS, WITCHCRAFT,

THE MOST SCARCE, RARE & OLD MAGIC, CONJURING, ILLUSIONS, WITCHCRAFT, OCCULT & MUCH MUCH MORE BOOKS COLLECTIONOn eBAY On DVD It is nearly impossible to find all these rare & old books in their original form and if found they would cost a fortune! ____________________ Great Collection Of Rare & Old MAGIC, CONJURING, ILLUSIONS, WITCHCRAFT, OCCULT & MUCH MUCH MORE Great Reference Books. 50 Books in Total Contains thousands & thousands of pages of great Information about MAGIC, CONJURING, ILLUSIONS, WITCHCRAFT, OCCULT & MUCH MUCH MORE. Many Information & Secrets Exposed Lots of Beautiful Illustrations. This DVD Contains the most comprehensive collection of Rare & Old Books on MAGIC, CONJURING, ILLUSIONS, WITCHCRAFT, OCCULT & MOREon eBay. Many of these Rare books date back to the 1500s and early 1900s and all of their content is just as impressive today as it was then. All these Original Rare and Old Books have been professionally scanned in high quality, compiled and preserved forever in PDF format files on DVD data disc for your enjoyment You can READ, TRANSFER, COPY, CUT, PASTE, SAVE & ZOOM IN on any text, diagrams or illustrations. The pictures you see in this auction were taken from these PDF files These books can be read on your computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, Kindle, ebook reader but will not work on regular DVD Players ***************************** The Complete List of The Books Titles1) Aufschlüsse zur Magie aus geprüften Erfahrungen über verborgene philosophische, by Eckartshausen, Karl von, (1804)2) Codicile de Jérome Sharp, professeur de physique amusante; où l’on trouve, by Decremps, Henri, (1791)3) Confidences et révélations – comment on devient sorcier, by Robert-Houdin, Jean-Eugène, (1868) 4) De Occulta philosophia. by Von Nettesheim, Agrippa. Heinrich Cornelius, (1533)5) Die Natürliche Magie, by Wiegleb, Johann Christian, (1789) 6) Het Verbeetert En Vermeerdert Natuurlyk Toverboek of Speel – Toneel Der Konsten, by Simon Witgeest & Gysbert de Groot, (1739) 7) La Magie Blanche Dévoilée, ou Explication des Tours Surprennants. by Decremps, Henri (1784) 8) Le magicien des salons, ou, Le diable couleur de rose, by Delion, M. (1873) 9) Les Nouveaux savans de société, Volume 1, by M. Ducoeurjoly, (1808) 10) Les Nouveaux savans de société, Volume 2, by M. Ducoeurjoly, (1808) 11) L’escamoteur habile, by F Gallien (1816) 12) Magic and fetishism, by Haddon, Alfred Cort, (1906) 13) Magic, pretended miracles, and remarkable natural phenomena, by American Sunday School Union, (1855) 14) Magie oder Die Zauberkräfte der Natur so auf den Nutzen und die Belustigung angewandt worden, by Johann Samuel Halle, (1785) 15) Magische Werke – Sammt den Geheimnitzvollen Schriften des Petrus von Abano, by Agrippa. Heinrich Cornelius, (1855) 16) Mémoires Récréatifs, Scientifiques et anecdotiques du physicien-aéronaute, by Etienne Gaspard Robertson, (1831) 17) Moderne Wunder, by Willmann, Carl, (1897)18) Natural Magic, or, Physical Amusements Revealed, by Astley, Philip (1785) 19) Natural Magick, by Giambattista della Porta, (1658) 20) Natürliche Magie, by Funk, Christlieb Benedict, (1783) 21) Neue Physikalische und Mathematische Belustigungen, by Guyot, (1772) 22) Neuer Wunder-Schauplatz der Künste und interessantesten Erscheinungen der Magie, by Johann Heinrich Moritz Von Poppe, (1839) 23) Nouvelle Magie Blanche Dévoilée, by Jean-Nicolas Ponsin, (1853) 24) Novo Manual Do Prestigiador Ou Livro De Sortes Divertidas, By Lisboa (1870)25) Oblako nad sviatilishchem, ili, Niechto takoe, o chem gordaia filosofiia i grezit ne smieet, by Eckartshausen, Karl von, (1804)26) Oder die Enthullten Zauberkräfte, Sammlung Auseriesener Leicht Zuführender Magischer, by Altona Bei Gottfried Vollmer, (1800)27) Paracelsvs of the Supreme Mysteries of Nature, by Paracelsus, (1656)28) Physical Amusements and Diverting Experiments, by Pinetti, Giuseppe, (1784)29) Popular Recreator – Volume 1 & 2 – By London Paris New York Cassell, Petter & Galpin, (1873)30) Rational Recreations – Volume 1, by Hooper, William, M.D., (1782)31) Rational Recreations – Volume 2, by Hooper, William, M.D., (1782)32) Rational Recreations – Volume 3, by Hooper, William, M.D., (1782)33) Rational Recreations – Volume 4, by Hooper, William, M.D., (1782)34) Steganographia Qvæ Hvcvsqve a Nemine Intellecta, Sed Passim vt Svpposititia, Perniciosa, by Trithemius, Johannes, (1721)35) Supplément a La magie Blanche Dévoilée. by Decremps, Henri, (1784)36) Testament de Jérôme Sharp, professeur de physique amusante. A Paris Chez l’auteur, by Decremps, Henri, (1786)37) The Art of Conjuring Made Easy, by Crawhall, Joseph (1865)38) The Conjurer Unmasked, by Denton, (1790)39) The Expert at the Card Table – a Treatise on the Science and Art of Manipulating Cards, by Erdnase, S. W. (1905)40) The Humorous Magician Unmasked, by Engstrom, A. B. (1836)41) The New Conjuror’s Museum and Magical Magazine. London (1806)42) The Pneumatics of Hero of Alexandria, from the Original Greek, by Bennet Woodcroft. London, Taylor, Walton and Maberly, (1851)43) The Secret and Swift Messenger, How a Man May with Privacy and Speed Communicate His Thoughts, by Wilkins, John, (1694)44) The Secretes of the Reverende Mayster Alexis of Piemount, A Anvers, Impr. de C. Plantin, by Ruscelli, Girolamo, (1564)45) The Vanity of Arts and Sciences, by Agrippa, Heinrich Cornelius (1694)46) The Wonderful History of the Celebrated Friar Bacon who studies the magic, by T. & J. Allman (1829)47) Traité complet des tours d’escamotage anciens et nouveaux, by Ducret, Etienne (1885)48) Trewey premier shadowgraphiste mime & comedien, by Colombon, Henri., (1909)49) Ventriloquism Explained and Juggler’s Tricks, or Legerdemain Exposed. by Amherst, Ms, J. S. and C. Adams (1834)50) Verschiedenes zum Unterricht und zur Unterhaltung fuür Liebhaber der Gauckeltasche, by Eckartshausen, Karl von, (1791)*********************************Please make sure to check our other Rare eBooks collections listings Each collection is unique and take advantage of our Multiple Purchase Discounts Multiple Purchase DiscountsIf you purchase 3 of our rare book collections you will automatically qualify for a free collection of your choice. Please use the eBay messaging service to let us know which collection you’d like totally free of charge! Payment Policy Only PayPal is AcceptedImmediate Payment is required after the Winning BidItem will be shipped on the same or next business day of receiving full payment Shipping Policy All items are posted Priority MailPlease allow up to 14 days for International ShippingPaypal Confirmed Addresses OnlyItems that are received damaged or faulty must be reported within 24 hours of receiving the itemReturns & Exchange PolicyDue to the nature of the item being a DVD and it can be copied, there is no return on this item, but if the item is faulty please contact US via eBay’s messaging service for the returns address. The item must be returned within 14 days and once received, a replacement will be shipped to you. We suggest returning items via Trackable Delivery Service. Terms & Conditions Please Note: In order to keep prices low for our customers, These ebooks are supplied on unmarked DVDs (no labels) and presented in a white or clear DVD sleeve for protection. The Content of this DVD has been collected and compiled by US. Reproduction and sale of this DVD data disc is STRICTLY PROHIBITED!


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