A Power Stronger Than Spells

September 12, 2019 - Comment

As a child, Brooke turned to witchcraft for answers to her depression. When she was 14 the depression lifted, but the answer was not what she’d expected. source

As a child, Brooke turned to witchcraft for answers to her depression. When she was 14 the depression lifted, but the answer was not what she’d expected.



Being a witch, you can also love god and his glory. Witchcraft shows the balance of life her intentions is why she discovered the dark side of it.

That kidd says:

Is this a joke lmao?

When u first start casting spells u can invite unwanted spirits. It can b scary at first but if u do a protection spell or take a salt water bath it cleanse them.
Spirits can’t hurt u unless u let them.

This has to b fake cause u can’t just wake up one morning and not feel depressed because of Jesus. That’s not how it works. U can slowly get better and stop feeling depressed but unless something dramatic in ur life changes u prolly won’t just all of a sudden stop feeling depressed because Jesus or something.

Just remember white magick is perfectly safe and can help ppl around u and ur self more than prayers can…

And if anything is harmful it’s prolly the church. More ppl have died from a result of religious discrimination than witchcraft just saying

G. L. M. says:

Christians murdered my pagan ancestors because they would not convert to the impaled nazarene death cult.

Keep in mind, it was her intention. Intention is everything when it comes to witchcraft. Her wanting power and to be bigger and better than people will come back for her. And it did. Not because she drew a pentacle

Alen Johny says:

that's called sleep paralysis, black magic isn't real and if it just went away like that it just proves that your not depressed prob just mentally ill. but im happy for you, good for ya.

She was on the right path. Curse her father for leaving that trash book for her to stumble upon.

Wow she grew into a very beautiful young woman

Daniel John says:

I experienced something similar.It was nighttime. I was going to bed for some sleep. 15 minutes had passed by maybe, then I felt like someone laid next to me in bed, a few minutes later my bed was shaking uncontrollably. I couldn't make a sound because I was so scared, although I tried. I mouthed the name "Jesus", 3 times then it stopped.

Jamal French says:

Tears during that flower part. Prayers for this soul!

I got a question is Sage a form of witchcraft?

Eli Cortez says:

People commenting that she did it wrong (insinuating that she would have been fine if only she had protected herself), how about no. You dont mess with this crap, period. There is no such thing as good magic. Only Jesus heals, only Jesus can work miracles. All else is simply the devil.

Ana Salas says:

3:07 she threw away books that were in perfect condition …. I would have loved those books 🙁

Bowie cat says:

God must hate me than because I’m a gay witch and honestly I love it it’s the best thing that has ever happened witchcraft will always be apart of my life and I don’t care

Jesus Christ sets people free, and when He does, those whom He sets free are free indeed!!!

black baby says:

I'm glad she turned her life around from that but I like to ask why didn't she immediately turn her life around after that shadow figure was touching her bed?why go right back into her witchcraft?

Yohbah Merci says:

May all sexual demons directed to keep me under addition control perish right now…… Addition marine sucubus INCUBUS demons perish in my life right now … Sexual demon I command you to come out of my life right now and restore my health,,, princess and Kings witchcraft agenda come out of my life and my children family members my properties right now

Hannah Riggs says:

Being 100% honest, every person in America has some sort of access to Christianity way before they have access to Wicca and witchcraft. Did she not go to school? Did she not go outside at all? Had you never heard of Christmas? I mean😂, I'm sorry. This video is so fake.

She's a really good actress 👏👏👏

hollow heart says:

all nice and dandy practcing witchcraft, but did she ever ensure she did protection spells to KEEP negative beings out??? because so far i know, it sounds a lot like she hadn't.

Bober Bib says:

What god? I have not seen a sky dady.No one can prove to me that therE is a sky dady.No on physicaly can't show me so I gues people are delusion.Yhe univers is my god not some bible junk.

I used to be very anti Christian. I hated the bible, I hated god, I hated everything about religion. I then looked into the bible hoping that I could prove it wrong. But instead I got the opposite. I learnt things about Jesus and how the bible contains historical events, even containing the resurrection of Christ as a historical event. But it was the testimony’s that made my believe even more. Jesus Christ saved me from damnation. I cannot thank him enough. I pray every single day and read the bible every single night. I’m only 16 now but I cannot wait for what Jesus has in store for me in the future. God bless you all. Amen 🙏🏻✝️❤️

“But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.”
‭‭Revelation‬ ‭21:8‬ ‭KJV‬‬

dear diary says:

🤣🤣🤣 witch craft isnt bad unless you use it in a bad way..

max marrero says:

God doesnt like magic because he is magic , hes a jealous God. XDDD.

started to crie God is so good <3

adam reed says:

She should fast for 7 days to get close to God. I'm going to give it a try…

Toni Garcia says:

Can we all please pray that God has mercy on us all? America needs to repent!


Nothing is impossible for God. He can break through any spells, He can break through anything which holds a person down in bondage!

It is special how she got free'd out from this! It is also special how she felt more helpless than being in control as she felt earlier, as this is really how most people are in truth when they are bound by their sins in life. They feel as they are in control whilst they are not, if they aren't saved they are bound by the wages of sins. Which will produce the end result of death as well as God's wrath! It is only when you are saved in Jesus Christ that you will ecperience true freedom and peace from within! He looses you from the wages of sins because of what He did for you on the cross, and then getting ressurected from the grave on the third day!

lynn Beck says:

Incredible testimony! Thank you so much for sharing!

E 'La says:

Aww. She waisted so many useful books 😢

I don't believe JESUS leaves us for a second. Everyone has to find him within themselves. Remember when JESUS couldn't find ADAM and EVE in the garden……they were hiding as they had committed sin. JESUS let's us run but, he's always in the wings watching over us. Prayer is the only way back to him and he's always waiting on us.

John Ming says:

"Every time society has distanced itself from the Gospel, which preached humility, fraternity, and peace, the people have been unhappy, because the pagan civilisation of ancient Rome, which they wanted to replace it with, is based only on pride and the abuse of force"

Albert I on what would happen if Belgium abandoned Christian Ideals.

She only turned to Jesus because she was scared. Not because she believes in him. She's probably back at it.

ISAIAH 49:13 For the Lord hath comforted his people, And will have mercy upon his afflicted

Lisa McLaren says:

Try 5-HTP it's natural and works for depression! Makes me feel so good. After 3weeks l began feeling so much better today. I Love it. I'm no doctor but… I know l am better!!!!!

John Rider says:

Beautiful beautiful lovely beautiful sexy gorgeous woman

jesus is only prophet nothing else sent by god to deliver god's message he cannot give any sacrifice to provide salvation to all.. Death is not sacrifice many other prophets were also killed for preaching message of god.

Jesus bless you sister. Love from a Christian brother in Christ

Roni Salam says:

700 club please pray for my marriage restoration..I know your prayer will heal my marriage

J R says:

Black or white magic doesnt even exist. Just hallucination and psychological disorder.

bxthany_. x says:

If you only did spells for good would you go to hell?

Cubb373 says:

Thank God for leading her and saving her from Satan,!parents, THIS is one of the big reasons we need to be saved and follow Jesus OURSELVES, and be an example of godliness, our children NEED a light on their path to Jesus, otherwise they are fair game for Satan to capture and put them in bondage.

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