Reichsbanknote 50 million Marks

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Postcard banknote – German, 50 million mark banknote 1923. Used as a postcard with stamp and writing on reverse. Posted on the day before the revaluation of the Mark. Using a 50 million Mark banknote was obviously cheaper than buying a postcard! Hyper-inflation – resulting from printing excess money not backed by gold or other

Reichsbanknote 50 million Marks
Postcard banknote – German, 50 million mark banknote 1923. Used as a postcard with stamp and writing on reverse. Posted on the day before the revaluation of the Mark. Using a 50 million Mark banknote was obviously cheaper than buying a postcard!

Hyper-inflation – resulting from printing excess money not backed by gold or other tangible assets. Printing excess money has now been made respectable by calling it ‘Quantitive Easing’.

A lesson from history, not learnt.

Quantitive Easing erodes the value of money and is … legalised fraud against anyone who has savings.

EUbabel. The shocking occult symbolism of the European Union.…

‘The New World Order’ – a book by A. Ralph Epperson. Exposes the globalist plot for world domination.

Globalist agenda – World government.
The return to Babel.…

The European Union – the return to Babel
The irrefutable evidence in plain sight.
Also see:
EUbabel. The shocking occult symbolism of the European Union.…

Empty seat number 666 of the World/seat_666.htm

‘Imagine there’s no Heaven, it’s easy if you try
No Hell below us, above us only sky”
John Lennon.

‘Imagine’ a nightmare, world dictatorship.

European Union project, undemocratic, expansionist empire. Prototype and fledgling, World Government.

Brexit – The anti-globalist struggle against the NWO globalists.

Aaron Banks:
Asked if he would back the Leave side in a rerun of the 2016 referendum, Mr Banks said: “The corruption I have seen in British politics, the sewer that exists and the disgraceful behaviour of the Government over what they are doing with Brexit and how they are selling out, means that if I had my time again I think we would have been better to probably remain and not unleash these demons.”

Maybe Mr Banks didn’t realise that he hit the nail squarely on the head when he described the incredibly fierce opposition to Brexit as the unleashing of "demons". The globalist agenda is truly demonic. It is no surprise that the globalists, and their puppets in the media and liberal establishment, are so desperate to stop Brexit interfering with their diabolical plans for world domination.
See: ‘Brexit, The Movie’ – available on YouTube.

The EU, mystery Babylon.
The EU parliament in Strasbourg is modelled on the Tower of Babel.…
The symbolism of the EU in plain sight, is the desire of its advocates to return to the spirit of Babel.
The Council of Europe’s poster produced to promote the European Union and the EU Parliament building in Strasbourg… is filled with occult symbolism: a tower of Babel, 11 inverted stars (pentagrams),, the 12th pentagram is behind the top (head) of the tower. This is a Satanic parody of the 12 stars surrounding the head of the Woman (Church/Mary) in the book of Revelation. The inverted pentagram is an occult symbol designed to represent the head of Baphomet (Satan or the Goat of Mendes), illuminati pyramids are also evident in the background (since when have Egyptian pyramids been part of Europe? Square, blockheaded (indoctrinated) people (useful idiots) are featured, building a tower designed for their own enslavement and suppression, with a round-headed baby, who is too young to have been indoctrinated.

The dangerous, climate change scam:
A high level of Co2 is essential for our survival. The exact opposite of what we a led to believe by the popular, eco- fanatic narrative which is designed to convince people of the necessity for globalist control.
See the truth here:

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The war against anti-globalist Putin, and the globalist demonising of Russia.

The reason the elite hate Trump so much is because he is opposed to the one world agenda of the globalists.…

Ending the crime of abortion is crucial in curbing the power, of Satan.

Ending the crime of abortion is crucial in curbing the power, of Satan.

IF and THEN, the atheist dilemma

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